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Submitting an appeal

The procedures, forms and documents required to submit an appeal.

Documents required to submit an appeal

To file an appeal, you need to submit two documents. Both documents are required.

  1. The DRDRB decision.

  2. A completed Notice of Appeal form OR a detailed letter with the same information on the Notice of Appeal form.


If you have a representative acting on your behalf, you also must submit a Notice of Representation form.

Read more about arranging for a representative.


DRDRB decision

The DRDRB decision is the first document that is required to file an appeal.

This is an example of what a DRDRB decision looks like.

 20170512 527-7685 EXT0_2_edited.jpg

Notice of Appeal form

The Notice of Appeal form is the second document that is required to file an appeal.

Read more information about filing an appeal (Practice Guideline #1).

Deadline for submissions

From the date of the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Body (DRDRB) decision, you have one year to submit an appeal to the Appeals Commission.


If you want to appeal a DRDRB decision that is older than one year, you can apply for an Application for Extension of Time.

Read more about Extending Time to Appeal (Practice Guideline #4).

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