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Order in Council Reappointment

The Appeals Commission is happy to announce the reappointments of Benjamin Ayorech, Gene Dumont, Derek Vermette, Vivian Kolias Lougheed, and Allan Mah to the Appeals Commission under the Workers' Compensation Act. The reappointments are effective as of November 1st, 2017 for a six-month term that expires on April 30th, 2018. This six-month extension brings their appointments in line with other Commissioners who are up for reappointment next spring.

WiFi is now available at the Appeals Commission

Wireless access is now available in both the Edmonton and Calgary offices.  This includes the waiting rooms, interview rooms and all hearing rooms.  Simply see our receptionist when you arrive and he/she will give you instructions on how to access the network. 

Media Relations

For media inquiries, please contact (780) 412-8700 and ask to speak to Media Relations.

New Medical Panel Office

We are pleased to announce that the Medical Panel office has moved to a new space! As of January 15, it is currently in its new location on the second floor of the Standard Life Building. The Medical Panel office includes a reception area, hearing room, and workstations.

Edmonton Office
Standard Life Centre
#1100, 10405 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton AB T5J 3N4

Telephone:(780) 412-8700
Fax:(780) 412-8701

Calgary Office
Amec Place
#2300, 801 - 6th Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2P 3W2

Telephone:(403) 508-8800
Fax:(403) 508-8822
Media Enquiries
For media enquiries please
contact (780) 412-8700 and
ask to speak to Media