Updated Practice Guideline #3B: Standards of Behaviour for Representatives and Participants

​​​September 1, 2021 

On September 1, 2021, we published an updated Practice Guideline #3B to include guidance on conflict of interest for representatives. Click here  to see the updated Practice Guideline.

Annual General Meeting Presentation: 2020-2021

​July 22, 2021 

The Appeals Commission's 2020-2021 Annual General Meeting has now been posted on our website.

Annual Report: 2020-2021

​July 21, 2021 

The Appeals Commission's 2020-2021 Annual Report has now been published on our website.

Advisor Office and Medical Panels Program

April 1, 2021

On April 1, 2021, as a result of amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act, the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation will take on responsibility for two independent and arm’s length programs within Alberta’s workers’ compensation system. Advocacy services previously offered by the Fair Practices Office will continue as a program called the Advisor Office for Alberta Workers’ Compensation. Medical panel services will continue as the Medical Panels Program for Alberta Workers’ Compensation.

There will be no delay or disruption of services, which will remain free-of-charge. For more information about the programs, please see the Advisor Office and Medical Panels Program websites. For more information about the steps we are taking to ensure independence, please see our Governance and Independence Framework.