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Before you file an appeal

You must have a written decision from the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Body (DRDRB) before you can file an appeal with the Appeals Commission.


Under the Workers' Compensation Act (WCA), the Appeals Commission is the final level of appeal for workers and employers who disagree with a DRDRB decision.


Workers' Compensation Act (WCA)

The Workers' Compensation Act:

  • sets out how the workers' compensation system operates

  • indicates that the WCB can create policies

  • confirms what the Appeals Commission can do (its jurisdiction)

  • sets timelines in appealing decisions to the Appeals Commission

  • gives the Appeals Commission the authority to create its own rules and guidelines


Section 13.1(1) of the WCA says that the Appeals Commission can hear appeals from decisions made by the WCB review body, the DRDRB.  Read more about the WCA.


Deadline for submission

Sections 13.2(8) and 13.2(9) of the WCA states that, from the date of the DRDRB decision, you have one year to submit an appeal to the Appeals Commission.



In rare cases our Chief Commissioner may extend the one-year deadline for submitting an appeal.


If the DRDRB decision you want to appeal is older than one year, you can apply for an extension of time. You will have to provide the reason(s) why you did not appeal within the one-year time limit.  Read more about Extending Time to Appeal (Practice Guideline #4).

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