Significant decisions provide helpful information on ​the law, policies, or procedures. They follow an organized analysis, approach, or set of principles that are used by the Appeals Commission.

 Every decision is based on facts and evidence of a certain case. Our Commissioners are not required to follow significant decisions, but they give an example of how issues are dealt with at the Appeals Commission.

Common Issues of Appeal​

Claim Acceptance

Decision No. 2014-1090

Decision No. 2014-0657


Additional Entitlement/Responsibility

Decision No. 2016-0852

Decision No. 2017-0397


Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

Decision No. 2016-0025

Decision No. 2017-0317

Decision No. 2016-0480


Economic Loss Payment (ELP) Calculation

Decision No. 2016-0451

Decision No. 2015-0273

Decision No. 2017-0588


Rehabilitation Services (Allowances)

Decision No. 2017-0195

Decision No. 2017-0240

General Information​

AC Decisions are not evidence

Decision No. 2020-0352

Decision No. 2012-34