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When and how the appeal decision is issued

The hearing panel usually has three members: one Hearing Chair and two Appeals Commissioners. Sometimes there may only be one Hearing Chair and one Appeals Commissioner.  


After the hearing, the hearing panel makes the decision. A decision is the written outcome of the appeal.


How the decision is made

  • The hearing panel will make the final decision based on the legislation, policy, relevant documents, and evidence provided at the hearing.
  •  All Appeals Commission decisions are made by consensus. This means that all panel members must agree on the decision.
  •  The decision is considered final when it is signed and sent out to all parties by mail.


If more information is needed

Sometimes the panel will determine that they need more information to make the decision. If this happens, all participants will receive a written communication. Any information that the Appeals Commission requests will be shared with all participants, who will be given an opportunity to respond.  If this happens, it will likely take additional time to finalize the decision.


When you will receive the decision

Each appeal is different, so each decision will take a different amount of time to finalize. It usually takes at least six to eight weeks from the date of the hearing to when the decision is issued.  This timeline may be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of the appeal.


The Appeals Officer cannot tell you anything about the decision until it is finalized, and they cannot tell you what the decision is over the phone. Decisions are only issued in writing.


Read the decision online

All Appeals Commission decisions are published on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) website. However, any information that could be used to identify anyone involved in the appeal is removed. This includes names of individuals, employers, and doctors. This is to protect the privacy of everyone involved.


The CanLII online database includes all Appeals Commission decisions published after January 1, 2003.

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