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To ensure open communication with our clients and stakeholders, the Appeals Commission regularly publishes business plans and annual reports. Our annual reports include information on our business activities and financial details throughout each previous year. The Appeals Commission’s business plans describe how we will achieve our goals over a three-year period.

Every year, the Appeals Commission hosts annual general meetings for the public. Topics such as corporate structure, appeal process, and performance measures are discussed and presented during these meetings.

This list includes a collection of our annual reports, business plans, and annual general meeting presentations.

Year:  Document Type:

2017-04-012016-2017 Annual ReportAnnual Report2017
2015-04-012014-2015 Annual ReportAnnual Report2015
2014-04-012013-2014 Annual Report Annual Report2014
2016-04-012015-2016 Annual ReportAnnual Report2016
2015-04-012015-2017 Business PlanBusiness Plan2015
2016-04-012016-2018 Business PlanBusiness Plan2016
2017-04-012017-2020 Business PlanBusiness Plan2017
2014-04-012014-2016 Business PlanBusiness Plan2014
2018-05-22 Business Plan AddendumBusiness Plan2017
2013-11-082012-2013 Annual General MeetingAGM Presentation2013
2014-11-052013-2014 Annual General Meeting AGM Presentation2014
2015-12-042014-2015 Annual General Meeting AGM Presentation2015
2016-09-062015-2016 Annual General MeetingAGM Presentation2016
2017-09-062016-2017 Annual General MeetingAGM Presentation2017
2018-09-202017-2018 Annual General MeetingAGM Presentation2018
2018-10-102017-2018 Annual ReportAnnual Report2018
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