The Service Standards and Complaints Process sets standards of service that you can expect, no matter who you are, when dealing with the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation, including all of its programs.

Please Note: This policy does not address the review of Appeals Commission hearing decisions or interactions with members of a medical panel. If you are unhappy with the outcome of a decision, please see our website​ here.

Service Standards


We are committed to providing a fair, client-focused experience in keeping with our values of respect, service, integrity and accountability. 

Clients and stakeholders can expect us to:​

  • Understand their needs

  • Offer user-friendly resources

  • Guide them through the appeal process

  • Create a safe and respectful place to be heard

  • Provide timely service​

If you file a complaint, we commit to providing a fair, consistent and transparent process.

Complaint Process


For example, complaints can relate to:

  • A professional, safe and respectful environment

  • A clear process

  • A timely response

  • Anything else related to your experience with us

Our complaint process is set-up to respond to complaints in a transparent and timely manner. When you make a complaint, we will give you a clear and understandable response.

Sometimes, we may not be the right place for your complaint or this complaint process is not the right option. We will let you know where to make your complaint if this happens.

If you are still waiting for your decision or some other response from the Appeals Commission when you submit a complaint, we may take longer to respond. The complaint will not be investigated until after the decision or other matter is finished. Any Commissioner named in the complaint will not be notified until after the decision or other matter is finished. This is to make sure your pending decision or resolution is impartial, fair and independent. Also, the Commissioners identified in the complaint will not be assigned to matters you are involved in until the complaint is resolved.​

If you want to submit a complaint, please send the details via letter or fax to the attention of the Chief Administrative Officer or email with the subject line “Service Complaint." Your complaint will not be made public by the Appeals Commission.​

We are always looking to improve. Your complaint may be used to improve Appeals Commission training, services, policies and procedures.​

Once we receive your complaint, we will:

  • Send a letter confirming we received it.
  • ​Ask for more information, if needed.
  • Meet with any staff members or Commissioners to help us respond to your complaint.
  • Respond to your complaint within 30 days, unless more time is needed. We will let you know if we need more time. 
  • Consider the complaint against the Appeals Commission’s values and code of conduct, and make a decision.
  • Send you a written response with reasons.
  • If the complaint is supported, take action, up to and including rehearing the matter.​​


    Depending on the complaint, we may change this process as needed. If we change the complaint process, we will let you know.​​​​

    If you are unhappy with the response to your complaint, you can contact the Alberta Ombudsman.