We are guided by our vision, mission and values, alongside our Code of Conduct and our commitment to respect, equity, diversity and inclusion.​


We are committed to a fair, client-focused appeal experience.​


In serving our clients we:

  • Understand their needs
  • Offer user-​friendly resources
  • Guide them through the appeal process
  • Create a safe and respectful place to be heard
  • Provide clear, timely, independent and unbiased decisions



​We understand that every client and every appeal is different, and every client needs to be heard with an open mind.
We are committed to a culture that is collegial and professional, and a workplace that is free of harassment, violence and discrimination
We provide professional and friendly assistance along with accessible resources to help our clients navigate the appeal process.
We support each other professionally and personally, and we aim to create a healthy, inclusive workplace that recognizes excellence and encourages development.
In all our interactions with clients and stakeholders, we aim to be impartial, diligent and ethical.
We demonstrate our values to our clients and stakeholders, and to our colleagues, by being consistent in our words and deeds, taking ownership, and seeking out learning opportunities.
We are answerable to our clients and stakeholders for the efficiency of our processes, the clarity and timeliness of our decisions, the effectiveness of our communications, and the responsible use of our resources.
We recognize that we are all part of a larger process, and that in striving for excellence and serving our clients we all make contributions and are answerable to each other.​


All staff and commissioners must follow our Code of Conduct, and meet our performance expectations.


At the Appeals Commission, respect, equity, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to achieving our vision and mission and living our values. This means intentionally fostering an environment where everyone feels they belong, where barriers are removed and support is provided to everyone who needs our services. The Appeals Commission is committed to: 

  • ​Reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve in our recruitment and staffing, and in the composition of our hearing panels; 
  • Ensuring that, regardless of their differences, all team members feel safe, welcomed and valued, and have opportunities to learn and grow; and 
  • Respecting and responding to the unique backgrounds, experiences and needs of our clients.​ 
We are working towards this commitment by:​

  • Identifying and addressing barriers to accessing our services; 
  • Developing and implementing strategies to increase the diversity of our workplace; 
  • Upholding our standards of conduct and service by ensuring our team members are trained in the importance of respectful workplaces, diversity, inclusion, customer service, recognizing unconscious bias, and cultural competencies; and 
  • ​​Supporting our employee-led Respect, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee in its initiatives and recommendations to leadership. 

We acknowledge that what we call Alberta is the traditional and ancestral territory of many peoples, presently subject to Treaties 6, 7 and 8. Namely: the Blackfoot Confederacy – Kainai, Piikani, and Siksika – the Cree, Dene, Saulteaux, Nakota Sioux, Stoney Nakoda, and the Tsuu T’ina Nation and the Métis People of Alberta. We acknowledge the many Indigenous peoples who have lived in and cared for these lands for generations. We make this acknowledgement as an act of reconciliation and gratitude to those whose traditional and ancestral territory we reside on or are visiting.