At the Appeals Commission, we are committed to ​ensuring your privacy is protected whether it is online, in person or during your appeal.

All information we collect is used and disclosed in accordance with sections 33(c), 39 and 40 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act.


Information sharing includes collection, use and disclosure. 


When you visit the Appeals Commission website, our web server automatically collects a limited amount of standard information essential to the operation and evaluation of the Appeals Commission website.

This information includes the:

  • page from which you arrived

  • date and time of your page request

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address your computer is using to receive information, which identifies your computer and location

  •  type and version of your browser

  • name and size of the file you request

This information is not used to identify individuals who visit the website. None of this information is disclosed to anyone else.

When you submit a question or comment by electronic mail or complete an online form on our website, you may be asked for your name, email address, or other personal information. The Appeals Commission will keep a record of this information so that we can respond to you. The only information collected that is used to identify you is information you give voluntarily. Any personal information you do provide is protected under the FOIP Act. This information is used only to process and respond to your question, comment or form. This information is not disclosed except to authorized personnel who need it to provide you with a response.


When you start an appeal, information will be collected by the Appeals Commission from parties and the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB), including, but not limited to:

    • your name, address and contact information

    • information regarding representation

    • your WCB file and its contents, including medical records

    • records provided by parties

When you visit the Appeals Commission or start an appeal, records related to the appeal will be shared with all other participating parties, including the WCB. The information collected may also be used for quality assurance purposes (for example, participant satisfaction surveys). This information is kept secure and is used only for the purpose of your appeal.

​​If you have any questions regarding privacy concerns, please contact the Appeals Officer assigned to your appeal or ask to be directed to our Privacy Officer at (780) 412-8700.


Cookies are small text and graphic files that your web server stores on your personal computer to assist you when you return to a page. This data provides a way for the website to keep track of a user's patterns and preferences and, with the cooperation of the web browser, to store them on the user's hard drive. 

Cookies contain a range of URLs (addresses) for which they are valid. When the browser encounters those URLs again, it sends those specific cookies to the web server. For example, if a user ID was stored as a cookie, it would save the user from typing in the same information over again when asked for that ID once more. By retaining user history, cookies allow the website to tailor the pages and create a custom experience for that individual.

If you wish, you may change the settings on your web browser to disable cookies or to warn you when cookies will be deposited. Look for the cookie options in your browser's Options or Preferences menu.


The Appeals Commission website contains links to other websites. Each linked website may have a different privacy statement depending on the nature of the site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of any other websites. You should review the privacy statement each time you submit personal information on a website.


The Appeals Commission is responsible for listing any personal identifying information that we have about individuals who use our services.  You have a right to know what information we collect, where it is located, how it is used, who it is about, and the legal authority for managing and storing your information. 

View the information in our Directory of Personal Information Banks.

A personal information bank does not provide direct access to an individual's records.