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After your appeal is submitted

Your Appeals Officer is the point of contact after your appeal is submitted.

After the Appeals Commission has received the required forms to start your appeal, your appeal will be assigned to an Appeals Officer.


Appeals Officer

An Appeals Officer is an Appeals Commission staff member who receives the claim file, and then collects arranges the related information to an Appeals Document Package (ADP).


The Appeals Officer is your point of contact at the Appeals Commission. The Appeals Officer's role is to assist with the administration of your appeal. Please note that they are not your representative and cannot offer advice about your appeal.


If you have a representative, the Appeals Officer will communicate directly with your representative.


Next steps before the hearing

  1. After your appeal is submitted, all parties will be notified of the appeal.

  2. A party is a person with a direct interest in an appeal or any other person who has applied for and obtained party status. 

  3.  Next you will be contacted by our Hearing Coordinator and a hearing date will be booked that works for everyone who is participating. If you cannot make your scheduled hearing, you must let your Appeals Officer know as soon as possible. 

  4. The Appeal Documents Package (ADP) will be created, containing all the information related to what is being appealed.  The ADP is shared with all participants who will then have the option of adding any documents they feel are missing.

  5. The assigned hearing panel will review the ADP.

  6. The hearing will occur. If you want to bring a witness or support person with you to the hearing, you must let your Appeals Officer know as soon as possible.


Detailed guidelines about the appeal 

Details about each step required to prepare for an appeal are included in our guidelines:

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